Shoes & insoles

The most important point of contact between man and bike? The feet.

Importance of feet

Your entire cycling movement stands or falls with proper functioning and good posture of your feet. That is why at Bike Experience we pay a lot of attention to the feet of our cyclists.


Are there foot complaints such as pain in the instep, sole or toes? Is there sufficient stability? And mobility? Could the pedaling movement be better? Do you need insoles with or without corrections to improve your pushing ability? Burning feet while climbing?


We specialize in solving all these types of foot problems for cyclists. And proud distributor of the custom made cycling shoes from Luck Bike.

Custom insoles

Did you know that the function of our feet is completely different when cycling than when walking or running? While walking or walking, your foot is dynamically rolling. Unlike on a bicycle, where your foot is only responsible for power transmission. The load is therefore static. And that is the basis of many foot complaints among cyclists. We solve these problems and prevent them with customized insoles for your cycling shoes.


That is not all. Custom soles also improve your pedaling motion and pushing ability . Because the feet are the first point of contact with the bicycle. If that contact is not perfect, you will already lose some of your pushing ability. We personalize arch supports based on your foot shape and footprint. We raise the soles where necessary, so that you push straight. It also has a preventive effect against knee, hip and back injuries. And above all, you will experience optimal cycling comfort.


Every foot is different and the industry makes all the same standard soles. That's why custom insoles make a real difference.


We take into account whether or not you already wear insoles during sports or in daily life. Note: arch supports for everyday shoes or running shoes are different because the mass distribution is different.

Custom cycling shoes from Luck

Why we distribute Luck cycling shoes? They are available in many more sizes than regular ready-to-wear shoes. Luck offers the widest shoe on the market for those who need it. Shape, length, width and height as well as design can be personalized. Luck offers, among other things, nine different types of lasts. Ideal for cyclists with problems at their feet or resulting from it.


Custom cycling shoes are the ideal solution for people with very wide feet or with a difference between left and right foot. Or for cyclists in need of a varus valgus correction. We can help people with a difference in leg length by supplying one of the two shoes with a thicker sole. You also choose the shoes in your favorite color.


Please note: custom insoles are not included when ordering custom cycling shoes. The soles are a separate product and service.


How do we measure your future cycling shoes and make your arch supports? First of all we map out any (medical) shape deviations. And the differences between your left and right foot. After all, not everyone has two identical feet. Furthermore, we measure everything. From the arch of the foot to the height of your instep. With us, you are not simply placed in the 'box' of shoe size 43.5 or 44.


Adjust cleats

Very delicate point, the cleats. A millimeter can make a world of difference to the load on the muscles around your knees, hips and back. The entire cycling movement starts with the feet, and thus: the cleats. We determine the correct adjustment for you, with the help of a foot analysis and an analysis of your pedaling movement. So we test both on and off the bike. We adjust all types of cleats. We have a stock. Or you can also bring your own pictures.

Foot analysis

Before measuring your cycling shoes ... Or adjusting your cleats ... Or as part of a complete bike fit ... A foot analysis is always part of it. What do we map out? Your foot roll, any pathological abnormalities, shape or length differences between your two feet, and so on. Because your feet are the most important point of contact with the bike.

Foot solutions & rates

Custom insoles

€ 140

  • foot analysis: roll-off and abnormalities

  • insoles tailored to your own foot shape

  • adjustment of cleats


€ 85

  • hourly rate for advice or consultation

Cleats adjustment

€ 85

  • foot analysis: roll-off and abnormalities

  • adjustment of cleats (all types)

Customized cycling shoes

€ 430

  • foot analysis: roll-off and abnormalities

  • measurement

  • check shape or length differences in feet

  • available models: Luck Genius and Galaxy

  • pick your favourite coulour

  • order

  • delivery after six weeks

  • adjustment of cleats (all types)