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Better cycling

Do you already have a bike (of any type) and do you want to come by for a first bike fit ? Then you choose between our regular 'Bikefit' or the 'Bikefit including customized bicycle insoles'. Whether you need the bicycle insoles ? Know that every cyclist benefits. The personalized soles provide more comfort and optimize your power transfer. Read more about it on our page about shoes and soles.


Choosing the right new bike

Do you want to purchase a new bicycle or frame? Immediately in the right size, best geometry and with correct parts? Then you can rely on our brand-independent purchase guidance. If you have already had a bikefit with us, then you reserve 'Frame advice based on bikefit report'. If not, come by for 'Bikefit incl. Frame advice part 1'. After you have bought your bike, you come by again for part 2. Then we adjust everything to perfection and check whether you move optimally on your new steed. Read more about it on our frame advice page.


Saddle pressure mapping or bike fit?

What is the difference between a saddle pressure measurement and a bike fit? At the first, we map your pressure distribution on the saddle and trace the cause of your possible complaint. What is your ideal saddle type? Do you have a position problem that causes saddle pain? You will find out. We do not do a bicycle or position measurement, no flexibility and foot analysis, no video analysis or crank length determination and no preparation of a bike fit report. This is where the saddle pressure measurement differs from a bike fit.


Second visit

Have you already had a bike fit? Time to properly adjust your second bike (eg MTB or gravel bike)? Then you book 'Adjustment second bike'. Specific questions not covered by our services? Then you can also book a general consultation . This can take place at our point of sale or via a video call. View an example of such a video call . Consultations by e-mail are unfortunately not possible. Thanks for understanding.


Waiting times

During spring and summer it's high season for cyling. It is something we notice in our booking system as well. It is not unusual that the waiting times in our booking agenda sometimes amount to 2 to 3 months. Given the nature of our services and our expertise, we unfortunately cannot do antyhing about it but ask for understanding and patience. We take all the time and expertise necessary for each customer to solve their problem. Tip: plan your appointment in time for consultations that you can foresee, such as renewing soles or shoes or adjusting the second bicycle. Waiting times are usually shorter in winter. Thanks for understanding.