Why frame advice?

Say, you are about to buy a new bike. You know your size, sort of. But you notice that not every bike brand uses the same sizes. You also notice that one model has a different geometry than the other. Or you would like to buy a Canyon (only available online). What now?


Indeed, when buying a bicycle - often not a small investment - well-founded advice can be useful. That is why at Bike Experience we also offer the service of purchase guidance. To make sure you only spend your money on the best choice.


The ideal handlebar width, stem length, crank length and pedal selection are also determined. This way you can immediately order all parts in their correct size.

How does frame advice work?

We calculate your perfect frame and component sizes in a scientific way. And we determine the most suitable geometry with the help of the BikeCad program. Whether it is a racing bike, MTB, gravel bike, cyclocross bike or time trial bike. Important to know: we do this for all bicycle brands, completely independently.


Frame advice takes place in two sessions: one before and one after the bike purchase. The bike fit is included in the session prior to purchase. This is of course essential to produce an advisory report. We take the necessary time to explain all elements in that report to you. We determine your stack & reach and explain exactly what that means.


Have you already had a bike fit? Then you can get started yourself with the help of this video. Or you can book a short session of frame advice based on an existing bikefit report with us.


You have also come to the right place for designing a custom frame. The real enthusiasts can even order tailor-made bicycle frames from us. We work together with the Italian supplier Legend by Bertoletti. We are also the exclusive sales point in Belgium for Kú Cycle. That is a very innovative and qualitative supplier of fully customized triathlon bicycles. Kú Cycle combines scientific knowledge from Formula 1 with insights from bicycle biomechanics and aerodynamics.

Buying advice & frame advice

Which bike suits you best?

Frame advice formulas & rates

Bike fit frame advice

€ 250

  • bike fit consisting of two sessions: before (€ 140) and after (€ 90) purchase new bike

  • bikefit report contains buyer's advice

  • scientific calculation

  • ideal geometry

  • correct frame size

  • length of parts

  • completely brand independent

Frame advice

€ 75

  • based on existing bike fit report from Bike Experience

  • scientific calculation

  • ideal geometry

  • correct frame size

  • length of parts

  • completely brand independent


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