Cyclist guidance

Competing cyclists are ambitious and like to keep their finger on the pulse constantly. A bike fit is often not an end for them. Merely the start of a support process.


Also for youth cyclists, in addition to training guidance, the follow-up of the cycling biomechanics is very important. Learning to push the pedals efficiently and correctly, from an early age. That is our mission with young cyclists.


Because they need more than a one-off bike fit, we offer individual pros, teams or youth cyclists subscription formulas. For permanent monitoring of bicycle position, pedaling technique and efficiency and power output. This always starts with an intake interview. We then map out the physical capacities and areas for improvement. To work on it during the support process.


We are currently working with riders in these disciplines: road cycling, cyclocross, MTB, track cycling and triathlon .

PRO & competition coaching

For competitive cyclists, a bike fit is not an end, but a beginning.