Bike fitting

The synchronization of cyclist and bike.

Why a bike fit?

Solving causes of cycling complaints

Do you have problems with your back or neck while cycling? Are you struggling with saddle pain? Sore feet or knees? Sleeping hands on a long trip? This is often a result of the position on the bike, the choice of size or material. During a bike fit we investigate the biomechanical cause of the complaint(s). We solve the problem at the source. The answer to recurring cycling complaints.


Improve cycling performance

No complaints? Would you like to know how many watts you can gain by optimizing your position? During a bike fit, we determine, down to the millimeter, the position that offers you the greatest pushing power and the best pedaling efficiency.


More comfort and prevent injuries

No complaints? Even less sporting ambitions? But would you like to cycle kilometers as comfortably as possible? Prevent potential complaints? During a bike fit, we adjust your bike and parts perfectly to your size. Become one with your bike. It's the best injury prevention.


In short, with a bikefit you as a cyclist achieve the most efficient, healthiest, most comfortable and most powerful position on your bike. We synchronize cyclist and bicycle, as it were.

How does a bike fit work?

A bike fit takes an average of three hours. There is a part on the bike and a part off. Both bicycle and cyclist are analyzed from A to Z.



Everything starts with installing your bike in front of our cameras. We look at your current situation using our data-enriched images. Where are you on your saddle? At the front, at the back or beautiful in the middle? What angles do your joints make while pedaling (ankles, knees, pelvis, shoulders ...)? In this way we make you aware of how you cycle. A bike fit is a very educational process.


All this is accompanied by a pleasant intake interview: how long have you been riding this bike? Where do you hold your handlebars? Usually at the top or in the brake levers? Do you ride on flexibility or power? How many kilometers on average per year? How long have you been struggling with certain complaints? Have you (had) any injuries? Have you experienced falls? Are you a group rider? And if so, do you ride a lot at the front of your group? And so on.


Besides the bike

Then the part next to the bike starts. We do a flexibility analysis of your body. How flexible are you? How mobile are your hips and pelvis? These are extremely important for your pedaling movement.


Your feet cannot escape analysis either. They are the main point of contact with your bike. For those who choose personalized arch supports as an option, we tailor them in this phase. Immediately on the spot.


By bike

We then optimize your cycling position and pedaling technique using video analysis. We adjust the necessary angles to make your power transfer more efficient. We do a saddle pressure measurement using a sensor pad. If necessary, we experiment with a number of test saddles.


Something that is sometimes overlooked in the bicycle shop: we also determine your ideal crank length. With which crank length are you most stable in the saddle and do you pedal most efficiently? Finally, we provide to the millimeter perfect adjustment of your cleats.


Afterwards you will receive a bike fit report, a handy document to keep. It contains all the details and drawings of your ideal cycling position.


Are your cycling complaints more numerous or complicated than average? Then it can sometimes take more than three hours to completely resolve them.


To bring to a bike fit:

  • own bike (cleaned)

  • cycling clothes

  • cycling shoes

  • any arch supports or insoles


Watch the demo video:

For whom?

Anyone who cycles or wants to start cycling can undergo a bike fit session. All ages are welcome: from children to the elderly. Both men and women. Both beginners and pros. And that within all disciplines: road cyclists, cyclists, mountain bikers, triathletes and track riders. You can consult us as an individual, but also as a team (see Competition guidance).


Not only athletes benefit from a bike fit. Also people who ride to work with an electric bicycle every day, for example. This sometimes causes ailments, such as neck or back pain, which can be solved with a position adjustment.


Bicycle types:

  • racing bike

  • mountain bike

  • gravel bike

  • cyclocross bike

  • time trial bike

  • piste bike

  • electric bike

  • city ​​bike

  • trekking bike

Bike fit formulas & rates

Custom insoles

€ 140

  • foot analysis: roll-off and abnormalities

  • custom insoles

  • adjustment of cleats

Second bike adjustment

€ 130 - 170

  • based on existing bike fit report

  • racing bike >> cyclocross or other racing bike: € 130

  • racing bike >> mountain bike: € 130

  • racing bike >> time trial bike: € 170

Cleat adjustment

€ 85

  • foot analysis: roll-off and abnormalities

  • adjustment of cleats (all types)

Saddle pressure measurement

€ 140

  • determine cause of saddle pain

  • advice solution saddle problem

  • saddle type advice

  • no bicycle or position measurement

Bike fit

€ 255

  • bike fit with your own bike

  • flexibility and foot analysis

  • video analysis

  • saddle pressure measurement

  • determine ideal crank length

  • adjust cleats

  • bike fit report

Bike fit incl. custom insoles

€ 365

  • bike fit with your own bike

  • flexibility and foot analysis

  • video analysis

  • saddle pressure measurement

  • determine ideal crank length

  • custom insoles

  • adjust cleats

  • bike fit report

Bike fit frame advice

€ 300

  • bike fit consisting of two sessions: before and after buying a new bike

  • bike fit report contains purchase advice

  • scientific calculation

  • ideal geometry

  • correct frame size

  • completely brand independent


€ 85

  • hourly rate for advice or consultation