Bike Experience Academy

Learn the tricks of the trade yourself.


Why and for whom?

As an osteopath, sports doctor or physiotherapist, would you like to learn more about the origin of cycling complaints? Good idea. Because resolving physical symptoms is one thing. But often things go wrong with the basis, the cycling position of the patient. As a therapist you can also learn to identify that external cause.


Or are you a bicycle repairer or rental company? Would you like to learn more about the correct adjustment of the bicycle to the size of your customer? The choices in saddles, frame geometry, handlebars and other components are endless these days. Get more insight and help your customer make the right choice. Because a customer who cycles comfortably continues to cycle.


Are you a physical coach or cycling trainer? Then knowledge of biomechanics is necessary as well, to optimally guide your riders.


That is why we offer two courses: at entry level (LEVEL 1) and a further course (LEVEL 2). They take place every winter at Bike Experience in Wuustwezel, Antwerp. After the training you will receive a certificate from the International Bike Fitting Institute. The training is 100% scientifically based and very practice-oriented. Students gain a good insight into the specific cycling anatomy, biomechanics, complaints and injuries in novice and competitive cyclists.


Because adjusting a bicycle is not a guesswork.


You can also book us for a tailor-made workshop or training . At a location of your choice and date as agreed.

Training & rates

Bike fitting LEVEL 1

€ 1,250 excl. VAT

  • next edition: 29 Sep - 1 Oct 2021

  • dynamic adjustment of the bicycle, mass distribution

  • knee angle, ankle angle, shoulder angle ...

  • adjust cleats

  • influence of cycling discipline on the set-up

  • interface - pedal / foot

  • injuries and complaints, leg length difference, q-factor ...

  • saddle pressure measurement and saddle selection

  • technology: video analysis and sensors

  • 2.5 days of classes

Bike fitting LEVEL 2

€ 1,250 excl. VAT

  • next edition: 4-6 Nov 2021

  • physical assessment of the cyclist

  • how to improve pedal efficiency

  • strength analysis during the cycling movement

  • extensive foot analysis

  • deviations cyclists have

  • impact custom insoles

  • 2 training days

  • intended for people who did LEVEL 1


Tailor-made workshop


  • can be done at your training camp or in your bicycle shop

  • topics to be mutually agreed