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Bike fitting

Sore joints while you’re cycling? Saddle sore or back pain?

Do you want to learn how much power you can gain by optimizing your position on the bike?

You’d like to ride as comfortably as possible?

In that case a bike fit is always a good idea. Everyone who cycles or wants to start cycling can have a bike fit.

After a bike fit you know your most efficient, most healthy, most comfortable and most powerful position on your bike. During a bike fit we synchronize a cyclist with his or her bike so to speak.

Frame & buying advice

Are you planning to buy a new bike?

We can help you search which frame suits your body and ambition best.

We don’t only calculate your frame size, but also the ideal geometry, handle bar width, crank length and type of pedals.

Not unimportant: we are not attached to any bike brand.

You can also come to us for the drawing of a custom frame.

Cycling shoes and custom insoles

The most important contact between cyclist and bike? The feet.

Well-functioning feet and a good position of your feet are crucial for your entire cycling movement.

That’s why we pay so much attention to the feet of our cyclists. Are there any complaints? Is there sufficient stability? Can the pedal stroke be improved?

You can come to us for personalized orthotics and custom-made cycling shoes.

Of course we also perfectly adjust your cleats.

PRO & competition coaching

Competing cyclists are ambitious and love to be up to date all the time.

A bike fit isn’t the end for them. But the beginning of a support process.

That’s why we also offer subscription formulas for individual pros, teams or youth riders.

For a permanent guidance during the preparation and/or the season.